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Schedule a Complimentary Virtual Orthodontic Consultation for Children and Adults

Interested in orthodontic treatment for your family but don’t want to leave home? A virtual consultation is perfect for you. We are very excited to launch a virtual platform where we can assess your goals, your treatment needs and the most effective plan of action for you from the convenience of your home or work. You can expect the same quality of care you would receive from visiting our office, and will leave with a preliminary treatment plan or an idea of the appropriate time to start treatment, a basic fee estimate and your possible insurance benefits.

4 simple steps:

  1. Watch Dr. Will’s welcome video
  2. Schedule a time that works for you (No phone call needed)
  3. Take some teeth selfies and email them to us
  4. Meet on Zoom at the appointed time

Schedule Consult

Take Selfies

Send Photos

Meet Online

How to Photograph Your Smile

In the office we have special cameras and mirrors for imaging the teeth.  We do not expect you to get the quality from your phone that we get here — just do your best for this first consultation.  Orthodontic treatment planning involves more than photographs, which we will discuss at your appointment.  Please email the pictures to us at [email protected]


For the best consultation we need just 7 pictures. You can take them with your smartphone or digital camera. A couple of plastic spoons will help too. 


  • Photo 1 – A smile
  • Photo 2 – Profile 
  • Photo 3 – Front Bite
  • Photo 4 – Left Bite
  • Photo 5 – Right Bite
  • Photo 6 – Top Teeth
  • Photo 7 – Bottom Teeth

We have detailed instructions in the video above and a step-by-step guide below. 


Photo 1 Smile!

Say Cheese!  Say something funny to get as natural a smile as possible.


Photo 2 Profile

Have the patient turn to their left and look straight ahead.  No smile needed for this picture.  We want to see how the teeth influence the shape of the profile and the fullness of the lips.


Photo 3 Front Bite

Use the two spoons to keep the cheeks away from the teeth and bite down.  Have the patient hold the spoons and stretch as much as they can without it hurting.  However, they should feel a stretch.


Photos 4 & 5: Left and Right Bite

Use only one spoon at a time for these.  Have the handle of the spoon out to the side so that you can see as many of the back teeth as possible.  Having the patient smile during this will show more teeth.  Also position the camera on your phone close to the spoon handle to better see that back teeth.


Photo 6 Top teeth

Tip the head back and smile big, again to show as many of the upper teeth as possible.  This will show crowding, spacing and general alignment of the teeth.


Photo 7 Bottom Teeth

Tip the head down and smile big.  You get the idea by now….Thank you!  



That’s it! Now email them to [email protected]

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